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Wrinkles are an inevitable occurrence. Unfortunately, they are also telltale signs of aging. But they do not have to be. The cosmetological industry has many options for those seeking a more youthful appearance from facelifts to Botox injections.

One such option, which surpasses Botox and many of its competitors, is the Radiesse filler. This product is still a very effective way to deal with wrinkles, but it is among the more natural and safer alternatives.

The product has been tested very thoroughly over the past few years. Radiesse has two FDA approvals and a number of FDA clearances. This is due to its biocompatible composition. It is made of substances that are almost identical to human bodily substances. This eliminates allergic reactions and reduces side effects.

The Radiesse dermal filler consists of calcium-based microspheres suspended in a water-based gel. This filler is injected into the skin in a way that is minimally invasive, evading harmful surgical procedures and long recovery times. The procedure is also very quick (administered in under an hour) and the results are instantaneous.

A unique feature of Radiesse is its continued work overtime. While most other products either lift or tighten for a terminable amount of time, Radiesse stimulates a process called collagenesis – the production and growth of new collagen – in the area of injection. This means that Radiesse helps the body to prevent future wrinkles while erasing existing ones. Results can last for up to a year. For this reason, younger patients can use it to prevent wrinkles while eliminating newly appearing wrinkles, slowing down the aging process.

Radiesse is very cost-efficient, making it more affordable than most other options. For a very low price for this name brand product, visit Ace-medica.com.


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